Dorian Stoodley

Dorian Stoodley
“RTT is so special because it fits with my own beliefs: it’s real, authentic and life-changing”

About Dorian

Dorian is an Advanced Rapid Transformational Therapist and clinical hypnotherapist, having been trained in person by Marisa Peer. Dorian offers a range of services from individual sessions to corporate training, life-changing retreats & seminars, together with his teachings and meditations on our sister-site

Dorian set up his first company at 24 and became successful early in his career. He has an MBA from Henley, a business and personal mentor and supported numerous charities. He’s been employee, unemployed and employer. Despite all the money and success, it wasn’t enough to prevent his own “curve-ball”, having emigrated with his family to Canada.

Experiencing some of “the worst that life can throw at you”, it’s not what Dorian lost that’s made him who he is, but what he found, learned and discovered that makes his journey so extraordinary. It’s been his ability to transform his experience, recover and find meaning from it, together with supporting, inspiring and empowering others to do the same. His no BS approach makes him so nurturing, so real and so successful as an RTT therapist.

More from Dorian

RTT was like finding the ‘Holy Grail’, like the ‘missing-link’, the “I’ve found it” moment!

I love RTT because it just makes so much sense. I love its logic, beauty and simplicity. We can read all the self-help books, watch all the mindfulness videos. We can focus our mind to think positively, work harder, be happier, be less worried or anxious but how often does it create lasting change?

Why not? Because we’re only training the conscious mind, we’re not working with the sub-conscious mind. And which one is bigger? You guessed it, the sub-conscious is 80% of our mind, so if we don’t resolve that, if we don’t work with that, then we’re fighting against ourselves!

RTT is not about applying a ‘sticking plaster’ or a ‘chemical cosh’ to the symptoms. We work with clients to find the cause of the symptom. I’m like a detective and a surgeon. I work with my clients to find the root cause, hook it out and reframe it.

I believe that connection, commitment and confidentiality is fundamental in sessions and it’s important that clients feel comfortable and safe. RTT is a team effort and I work with my clients to ‘go inside’ and find the root cause. It’s so liberating because no-one feels judged or lectured, because we’re working together to find the solution.

Sometimes we don’t know what we’ll find, but that’s why there’s such a team effort. It doesn’t matter what we discover, we can always find a positive way out.

My clients come from all walks of life and they have all made phenomenal changes. We all have fears, blockages and insecurities. However, once we let go of the self-limiting belief and transform the ‘negative familiar feeling’, it’s incredible what can be achieved.

I provide a bespoke therapeutic and coaching approach to maximise success. I specialise in the following areas:

➡️ Depression, Fear, Guilt & Anxiety
➡️ Relationships & Sexual problems including Erectile Dysfunction
➡️ Procrastination, “Stuckness”, being in “In-between Land” & Personal Development
➡️ Trauma & Recovery (PTSD, Relationships)
➡️ Self Esteem, Confidence, Meaning & Purpose
➡️ Personal & Professional Development

If you’d like to find out how I can help you, I’d recommend you book yourself in for a free, no obligation chat with me by clicking the button below. I look forward to speaking with you.