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Inspired Minds Dorian StoodleyInspired Minds was formed in 2015 by Advanced Rapid Transformational Therapist, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Life Coach, Dorian Stoodley (MBA, Cl.Hyp, ARTT). Dorian has studied and trained with a number of the world’s leading teachers and therapists including, among others, Marisa Peer, Joe Dispenza and Dr Peter Levine.

Dorian is also a regular leader of group somatic meditation practices and has developed a unique meditation resource at

He also holds various retreats and seminars and shares the psychospiritual philosophies and practices of many other enlightened professionals including Professor Bruce Lipton and Dr Reginald Ray.

Over the years, Dorian has been trustee for several high-profile charities, together with being a business and personal coach.

Dorian Stoodley Inspired MindsHis team offer a range of customised psychotherapy treatment programmes developed to maximise individual client success.

Inspired Minds therapists treat many sports, business and industry leaders as well as a diverse range of individual clients.

They are also involved in developing the leading edge therapeutic practices of Dynamic Integration Therapy™ and Peak Performance Coaching™.

Inspired Minds practitioners are passionate about people and committed to seeing them fulfil their dreams and aspirations, to “spread their wings and fly”.

Dorian has also experienced his own life challenges which have only served to make him more humble, human and open-hearted to the problems that clients face. Overcoming his own ‘setbacks’, he now shares many of the tools, techniques, strategies and treatments to support, empower and inspire others to do the same.

Inspired Minds Treatment Programmes

Dorian states, “RTT was like opening ‘the Chamber of Secrets’, giving access to the ‘missing-link’. I researched all kinds of therapies and treatments and this, by far, is the most transformational and cost effective.

It’s magic lies in its simplicity – the issues that hold us back in our life and relationships often come from unresolved trauma. At some point they will ‘surface’ physically or emotionally (or both). Once we identify and release it, we’re free to heal and move on with our lives.

Behind every type of destructive behaviour is a subconscious belief: the secret to transformation lies in the subconscious mind. Trauma is stored in the body at a cellular level and it is this ‘familiar feeling’ – what I call “the preventer” – that’s keeping us stuck.

There’s no shortage of pills or potions, self-help books, or motivation courses, but the answer isn’t “out there”! We all know how we want to be, but it can seem that the more we push, the more resistance we meet. This is because many therapies and approaches work only with the conscious mind, which represents 5% of our mind. Unless we fix the subconscious, however hard we try, we can often end up just fighting a losing battle!

Unlike many therapies, we’re not seeking to apply a ‘sticking plaster’ or ‘chemical cosh’ to the symptoms, instead we’re working with our client to find and fix the underlying root cause of the symptom”.

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The team at Inspired Minds believe that connection, commitment and confidentiality are fundamental in sessions and it’s important that clients feel comfortable and safe. Working with their clients is a team effort, to ‘go inside’ and find the root cause, working together to find the solution.

If you’d like to find out more, book a free, no-obligation chat with an Inspired Minds therapist and take the first step on your new journey. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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