Inspired Minds

Inspired Minds Programme

All our clients start with Programme One which includes an induction, psychometric and family of origin analysis, and a full RTT session, lasting around 3 hours. This is followed by a 20 minute reconditioning audio and 21 days of video coaching and online support. This will take you through the first three steps of the programme.

If clients choose, they can continue their development by completing a further two stages of the unique six-week, Inspired Minds Programme.

Programme One: BREAKING FREE

Learning to reconnect and work with our feelings, discovering that we do not need to be controlled by them. We observe associative thinking and feeling, including how current circumstances are triggering past trauma. We discover how to let go of the self-limiting beliefs that can be responsible for creating paralysing and debilitating states.  Importantly we’re learning that trauma is often just unresolved feelings held in the body that we need to identify and let go.

UNDERSTAND – The Root Cause
HEAL – Releasing Trauma
FEEL – The Importance of Feelings & How To Process Them


Consolidating your new found freedom. Learning to associate with and generate new empowered feelings. Finding freedom from guilt and shame. The importance of conditioning the mind on where we want to go and planting the seeds that will cause our desired future to manifest in the present.

EMPOWER – Resetting Self-Limiting Beliefs & Overcoming Negativity
RECONNECT – The Process Of Reconnecting With Self
RECONDITION – The Body To New Feelings Elevating Feelings To Create a New Paradigm

Programme Three: GOALS and ASPIRATIONS

This involves setting the intention and the power of the mind, law of attraction and manifestation; the mind of abundance, gratitude and appreciation.  We’re associating with expansive feelings of love, joy, the power of the universe in order to create a paradigm shift, continuing the journey of letting go and releasing ourselves into the quantum field.

REINFORCE – Elevating Feelings To Create a New Paradigm
BUILD – The Essentials For Success
FLY – “I Am Enough”

This is a unique opportunity for our clients to not only recover from their past experiences, but to use their experiences as a tool for transformation. Our programme provides clients with the resources to go within and learn about themselves and become empowered to live their lives and create their own unique destiny.