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Love and Relationships

We all want a happy healthy relationship but why do we end up with the complete opposite, or single?

Many of us know how it feels to be lonely and unhappy in toxic or dysfunctional relationships.  Maybe we’ve only just realised how abusive, loveless, claustrophobic or unfulfilling it is.  Perhaps it feels like our partner has ‘given up’, become complacent or tells us “you’re just kidding yourself” to want anything better.  We’re left, staring at the mundanity and negativity, thinking “I’m sure there must be something more?”.

We often perpetuate the same patterns as our parents or families because it’s what we know: it’s familiar.  What’s more, we’ll always receive the love we believe we deserve, even though it might be unhealthy and destructive.  But we do have a choice, we can break free from this negative cycle.

Most of us have an inner yearning: to have a fulfilling, adult-to-adult, co-committed relationship, yet our experience is very different.

love and relationships

We can often end up looking in the wrong place and we become “as good as a swipe”, and how does that make us feel: degraded, disillusioned and demoralised.  The alternative is to say “it’s not worth it” or “maybe I should just give up”: we shut down our heart and deprive ourselves of love.

But how would it feel if you could have it all?  What would it be like to be in a nourishing, respectful, intimate, passionate, appreciative relationship?  What would it feel like to be connected, vulnerable, loving, to feel safe having a partner who is a best friend, a passionate lover, a soul mate: someone who wanted the best for you?

RTT love and relationships

You are not your parents, your story, your past relationships: you are none of those.  When you ‘raise the bar’, when you change your beliefs, you can expect a new potential – so now is the time to invest in self.

The secret for finding and nurturing loving relationships, is to fix the part that’s holding us back – the unmet need and the subconscious belief stopping us fulfilling our potential.  Behind every behaviour is a belief and our relationships are often a mirror of our inner belief.

The first stage is making a commitment to attracting a new kind of relationship into your life. After all, we always get what we’re committed to getting – we get what we believe we deserve!

Investing in Love and Relationships

Inspired Minds is a leading provider of award winning, Rapid Transformational Therapy, based in central London. We offer highly effective programmes over online video conferencing platforms to clients worldwide who are intent on creating better relationships.

Rapid Transformational Therapy combines key elements of Hypnotherapy, CBT, Psychotherapy and NLP to effectively deliver profound and positive change in a single session.

Now, after many years of successfully working to meet the expectations of our clients, Inspired Minds have developed a comprehensive follow-on programme to support, consolidate and build on that radical change.

RTT love and relationships

In the process we have enhanced our single RTT session “BREAKING FREE”. This is a complete, stand-alone, programme in itself but once you have completed your first session you can choose to extend your programme to include the ground-breaking additional programmes “BREAKING THROUGH” and “GOALS and ASPIRATIONS”!

In these two brand new programmes we work to apply the principles of cognitive and behavioural neuroscience to developing new neural pathways to ensure you create positive outcomes and apply practices of self-developmental, psychospirituality to build on the foundations of your new found freedom.

Using these new tools we can establish ambitious new goals for your liberated self and realise the potential unlocked by the discovery of the new you.

Inspired Minds provide professional help for people looking to find love and improve the quality of their relationships – Click to book a FREE 30 minute telephone consultation with a therapist.