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Disorder (OCD)

OCD is a debilitating anxiety-based, mental health condition which is characterised by intensely negative, intrusive and repetitive thoughts combined with chronic feelings of insecurity and danger.

In order to suppress distressing thoughts and pacify oppressive feelings, a sufferer will undertake a compulsive and often complex, ritual of repetitive behaviour in order to dispel the associated anxiety.

The condition can range from mild to severe in terms of the distress it causes and often involves checking rituals conceived to mitigate fears of being harmed or causing harm to others.
The purpose of compulsive checking is to reduce the anxiety associated with uncertainty or doubt over feared consequences. For example, a person who worries about causing harm through insufficient diligence, may have the thought that if they check that doors and windows are locked, they can be assured that nobody will break in.
Some other forms of checking are triggered by specific events, like checking doors and windows are locked when leaving the house, or checking appliances are switched off or unplugged before going to bed. In other situations a series of repetitive actions can be performed in response to random thoughts where the person might believe that if they think of a bad event occurring, it is more likely to happen. This in turn can lead to overwhelming feelings of anxiety, frustration, insecurity and low self-esteem.


Being absorbed in obsessive thinking and engaging in protracted compulsive behaviours is clearly a huge distraction that can take up a huge amount of valuable time and energy. This in turn interferes with engaging in more productive activities and can lead to OCD having a detrimental impact upon various aspects of a person’s life and in particular their personal relationships.

A significant number of people who suffer from OCD also experience anxiety and depression, compounding their situation and making it an even more challenging disorder to come to terms with.

Treatment For Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Inspired Minds is a leading provider of award winning, Rapid Transformational Therapy. Based in central London, we offer highly effective treatment programmes to clients suffering from OCD worldwide over online video conferencing platforms.

Rapid Transformational Therapy combines key elements of Hypnotherapy, CBT, Psychotherapy and NLP to treat acute psychological and developmental disorders to effectively deliver profound and positive change in a single session.

Now, after many years of successfully working to meet the expectations of our clients, Inspired Minds have developed a comprehensive follow-on programme to support, consolidate and build on that radical change.

OCD rapid transformational therapy

In the process we have enhanced our single RTT session “BREAKING FREE”. This is a complete, stand-alone, programme in itself but once you have completed your first session you can choose to extend your programme to include the ground-breaking additional programmes “BREAKING THROUGH” and “GOALS and ASPIRATIONS”!

In these two brand new programmes we work to apply the principles of cognitive and behavioural neuroscience to developing new neural pathways to ensure you create positive outcomes and apply practices of self-developmental, psychospirituality to build on the foundations of your new found freedom.

Using these new tools we can establish ambitious new goals for your liberated self and realise the potential unlocked by the discovery of the new you.

Inspired Minds provide professional help for people with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder – Click to book a FREE 30 minute telephone consultation with a therapist.