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Stress and Anxiety

Fear is probably the most potent and powerful emotion you are ever likely to experience.

It is our response to a real or perceived threat, either in the present or at some point in the future.

When the threat is not immediate, the body can internalise the fear and it can manifest in the form of stress and anxiety.

There is no need to be overly concerned if you are experiencing moderate feelings of anxiety. A certain level of stress is a natural part of the human condition. However, we live in a hectic world where we are often subjected to extreme and unnatural levels of stress and pressure and these can often manifest in heightened levels of acute anxiety.

Work, relationships, money and health can all create stressful situations that result in us feeling uncontrollably anxious.

When the body accumulates multiple internalised fears, they can be compounded to form generalised anxiety disorder or GAD.

stress and anxiety

We may be perfectly capable of dealing with the possibility of losing our job. However, if you add to that the numerous potential problems generated by the loss of income, accumulating debt and the impact it could have on our family life, the pressure can mount up to the point where we become overwhelmed and it becomes hard to see how the situation could be managed.

Negative thoughts embed themselves in our conscious and our subconscious mind and, through association, can monopolise your thinking process.

Anxiety can lead to restlessness, procrastination, lack of concentration, irritability and an inability to make decisions. It can also lead to disrupted sleep patterns and insomnia and which in turn lead to chronic tiredness and fatigue.  Anxiety is real, the chemical release of adrenaline is felt viscerally in the body, often causing us to oscillate between fight/flight and overwhelming exhaustion. In extreme forms it can manifest as Panic Disorder or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

stress anxiety

A major problem with acute anxiety is that it can easily become a vicious circle where we end up in a downward spiral, worrying about the fact that we’re worrying about the problems we’re worrying about!  The fear of the fear.

Anxiety often becomes so common that we find it hard to imagine a life free from it.  The good news is that it’s possible and achievable to be free from it, if you’re prepared to make the commitment.

Treatment for Anxiety Disorder

Inspired Minds is a leading provider of award winning, Rapid Transformational Therapy. Based in central London, we offer highly effective treatment programmes for anxiety and stress to clients worldwide over online video conferencing platforms.

Rapid Transformational Therapy combines key elements of Hypnotherapy, CBT, Psychotherapy and NLP to treat acute psychological and developmental disorders to effectively deliver profound and positive change in a single session.

Now, after many years of successfully working to meet the expectations of our clients, Inspired Minds have developed a comprehensive follow-on programme to support, consolidate and build on that radical change.

In the process we have enhanced our single RTT session “BREAKING FREE”. This is a complete, stand-alone, programme in itself but once you have completed your first session you can choose to extend your programme to include the ground-breaking additional programmes “BREAKING THROUGH” and “GOALS & ASPIRATIONS”!

In these two brand new programmes we work to apply the principles of cognitive and behavioural neuroscience to developing new neural pathways to ensure you create positive outcomes and apply practices of self-developmental, psychospirituality to build on the foundations of your new found freedom.

Using these new tools we can establish ambitious new goals for your liberated self and realise the potential unlocked by the discovery of the new you.

Inspired Minds provide professional help for people with Anxiety Disorder – Click Here to book a FREE 30 minute telephone consultation with a therapist.