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Weight Loss

If you want to lose weight the last thing you should do, is go on a diet!

The first thing you need to do is to find the root cause of your desire to eat more than your body actually needs. What is motivating you to eat, when the body doesn’t need the calorific intake?

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If you don’t discover that, you are destined to spend your life going from one diet plan to another without ever fixing the basic problem.

Many clients come to Inspired Minds, having spent a life-time dieting and spending their hard-earned savings on gastric bands, surgery, diets, detox retreats and self-help books, most of which have had little or no long-term effect.

Yes, with self-discipline, it’s possible to lose weight for important events, but rarely is that loss sustainable.

Why is it then that some people find it so hard to achieve a weight they are happy with, to be a size that they feel comfortable with? Why does it feel like you’re in some way “holding on” to weight?

We must separate our physical from our psychological response to the need for food.

Food has a uniquely potent power of association in our lives and in our culture.

As a child, treats were often a way in which parents and family members might invoke pleasure as a way of demonstrating their affection. A simple expression of their love.

The mind will always try to take us away from pain and towards pleasure, so, whenever you feel alone, disconnected, empty, rejected, hurt or unhappy, the mind will say “let’s get back to that feeling”, a compulsion to go to the fridge, go to the cupboard – chocolate bar = comfort.

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Managing Weight Loss

Inspired Minds is a leading provider of award winning, Rapid Transformational Therapy, based in central London. We offer highly effective programmes over online video conferencing platforms to clients worldwide who would like to lose weight.

Rapid Transformational Therapy combines key elements of Hypnotherapy, CBT, Psychotherapy and NLP to treat acute psychological and developmental disorders to effectively deliver profound and positive change in a single session.

Now, after many years of successfully working to meet the expectations of our clients, Inspired Minds have developed a comprehensive follow-on programme to support, consolidate and build on that radical change.

In the process we have enhanced our single RTT session “BREAKING FREE”. This is a complete, stand-alone, programme in itself but once you have completed your first session you can choose to extend your programme to include the ground-breaking additional programmes “BREAKING THROUGH” and “GOALS & ASPIRATIONS”!

In these two brand new programmes we work to apply the principles of cognitive and behavioural neuroscience to developing new neural pathways to ensure you create positive outcomes and apply practices of self-developmental, psychospirituality to build on the foundations of your new found freedom.

Using these new tools we can establish ambitious new goals for your liberated self and realise the potential unlocked by the discovery of the new you.

Inspired Minds provide professional help for people intent on losing weight – Click to Book a FREE 30 minute telephone consultation with a therapist.