You should actually acknowledge your own monumental input in my recovery status as I was absolutely worn down and hopelessly desperate when we first spoke.  The best thing you did for me initially was being open about your own trauma as it gave me tremendous hope in my own recovery.  Thank you Dorian, not just from me, my own family are all deeply appreciative for how you’ve helped me finally take a huge step toward a now tangible and happy future.”

David, Cambs 

RTT has helped me no-end and has ‘put to bed’ a lot of the ‘nonsense’ which used to be a real issue for me.  It’s strange, but now I can’t even bother giving them head-space – remarkable really.  It’s much like having raging toothache, once it’s gone, you just remember it was unpleasant!

Sarah, London 

I had been dealing with anxiety and depression for many years. It was like a black cloud and those times were really dark. I realise now that the thoughts had been reflecting a feeling deep inside and when we went back to my childhood scenes, I was able to make sense of how and why I had been feeling that way. It’s extraordinary to be able to ‘not have those thoughts’ anymore, my life feels so much better. I’m far happier in myself and the worry has disappeared! I have no hesitation in recommending Dorian, he made me feel safe from the start and what a transformation!

Nigel, London 

My life had stalled and I didn’t know where to go, I was stuck. I only had a few memories of my childhood. Amazingly even though went only back to a few, it still worked – how did that happen? You definitely shifted something in me. It really does work and it is amazing. I’m coming back ‘cos I want to shift more stuff!

Phil, Berks 

The times we spoke were the most important for me, because it was the first time in my life that I was able to engage in conversation with somebody who wholly understood the depths of what I was enduring.  I am doing so well and at times it’s as though I have never had the ‘condition’ in the first place. Thank you so very much.”

Tony, South East 

Hi Dorian. So, you’ll never guess what, I was at an event in Columbus just now and I met Marisa Peer.  I was a bit overcome, but I told her who my therapist was and she said “Oh yes, I love Dorian, he’s an amazing person!”. So I just wanted to thank YOU again for everything you did for me.  Thank you Dorian, Marisa is right, you are an amazing person!”

Georgina, London 

Thank you so much for today, I really enjoyed it and I can’t wait to be me again and find who I really am!  I am really great great thank you, feeling much better.  I feel confident I am on the road to recovery as I have been listening daily.  Thank you so much.”

Amaia, Northampton 

And do you know what, talking of addictive feelings, that’s the most addictive feeling in the world, to open my heart and let opportunities in!!!!  Thank you so much again for everything you’ve done for me.  You’ve completely changed my life!

Gerry, London 

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