I didn’t believe for a minute that Dorian could cure my smoking in one session. After 39 years, I am completely blown away, I haven’t even wanted one. I still can’t believe it: I spent thousands on cigarettes and ‘Stop-Smoking’ remedies, but in one session? I still can’t believe it. I am telling all my friends!

Ian, Hampshire 

I have been dealing with weight issues all my life and I never understood why it was such a problem. My session with Dorian was amazing, not only did I find out WHY I had been doing it, but WHEN I came up with the idea! Now I know why I was doing it. I no longer feel conflicted and don’t have the compulsion to eat! Thank you Dorian and I’ll definitely be recommending you to friends and family!

Sarah, London 

I had been dealing with anxiety and depression for many years. It was like a black cloud and those times were really dark. I realise now that the thoughts had been reflecting a feeling deep inside and when we went back to my childhood scenes, I was able to make sense of how and why I had been feeling that way. It’s extraordinary to be able to ‘not have those thoughts’ anymore, my life feels so much better. I’m far happier in myself and the worry has disappeared! I have no hesitation in recommending Dorian, he made me feel safe from the start and what a transformation!

Dave, London 

My life had stalled and I didn’t know where to go, I was stuck. I only had a few memories of my childhood. Amazingly even though went only back to a few, it still worked – how did that happen? You definitely shifted something in me. It really does work and it is amazing. I’m coming back ‘cos I want to shift more stuff!

Phil, Berks 

I have to admit that I was slightly cynical (understatement!) but once I relaxed and went with it – it was very helpful. I was very concerned about being out of control, but it was nothing like I expected. I didn’t need to be scared – I didn’t feel out of control. Dorian worked together with me and was very reassuring. Thanks Dorian, I feel so much better in myself, it’s helped my anger and I feel so confident!

Tony, South East 

I have never tried anything like this in the past so I had mixed feelings. I was excited and scared at the same time. My determination to loose weight was very strong so I decided to try. I have to be honest and say that half of my life I have been on a diet but unfortunately was never very successful. Usually I give up after couple of days. I always found it difficult to control my snacking. It is now my fourth week since I started my new experience. I lost 3kg without making a big effort. I have not eaten my favourite white chocolate since!!! I Still cannot believe how strong I am. I have to say that Dorian performed a miracle!

Sylwia, Berkshire 

It’s crazy to think I had been bingeing in front of the TV for all these years because I wanted to get the same feelings of being with my aunt! Dorian helped me to make this connection – so simple but so brilliant! With his help, I’m no longer that 5 year-old. I can happily look after myself and I’m looking forward to it! Thank you, Dorian for changing my life, everyone needs this, we’re all battling with childhood stuff!

Claire, Southampton 

My Eczema is all but disappeared thanks to you! I knew I had a powerful mind, but I had no idea I could actually cure myself. OMG! What an amazing session using Skype – awesome. I really enjoyed going back to the scenes and seeing how it all happened. It wasn’t scary at all, it was mind-blowing! Thank you, Dorian, my skin feels so much better!

Joe, Hampshire