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“You are indeed an inspiration Dorian!  Your genuine care for your clients is remarkable and rare.  Thank you!” (N. Beds.)

“So I just wanted to thank you again for everything you did for me.  Thank you Dorian, Marisa is right, you are an amazing person!” (G. London)

What stops us and what keeps us stuck?
It’s not our lack of intention, our determination or drive – we have plenty of that! I know it sounds crazy but, incredibly, we all know deep inside what’s holding us back – it’s our innermost feelings about our place in the world.

Transforming childhood beliefs
We generally formed our beliefs in our first few years of life.  These beliefs create a feeling, which we then carry around with us day after day. We can’t rationalise these beliefs away because they’re a deep seated trauma or ‘unprocessed feeling’. Many therapies teach us to live with and manage feelings, but using hypnosis, we instead work with our subconscious mind and together we discover, release and transform these self-limiting aspects.

What would it feel like to be pain free?
How would it feel to be free and unburdened from our past? Many people spend years talking about their pain, so much so that it becomes their identity. Why not allow yourself to have a new, empowered and fearless feeling?  Our feelings create our experience, our feelings stem from our belief system.  So, if we want our experience to change, we must firstly change our feeling – and we do that by working with and liberating the subconscious mind.

We all have the power to change!

Our past doesn’t need to define who we are today, instead we can be released from those negative, critical thoughts and give ourselves permission to fly!

It’s nothing less than extraordinary when we unearth and release our locked-in beliefs about our place in the world – it’s truly transformational, a relief, leading to a world full of amazing potential!

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“My life has been changed! Today I feel great, I’m in a good place and I feel I know where I’m headed.  I can’t believe that you’re work isn’t common knowledge – so powerful!”  (R, Milton-K)

“Thank you Dorian, not just from me, my whole family are all deeply appreciative for how you’ve helped me finally take a huge step toward to a now tangible and happy future.” (D, Cambs.)